BPO Logic has been the # 1 Broke Price Opinion Service provider for nearly 10 years with over 75+ satisfied real estate professionals. We continue to provide the same level of services and help our Real Estate fraternity grow. Your virtual workforce for BPO needs.

We focus on the personal needs and requirements of our clients and align our goals accordingly. While we have all the expertise in preparing Broker Price Opinions, it is the desire to know the process flow and methods used by the clients to value that sets us apart.

Furthermore, we have a track record of providing BPO’s which are preferred by the vendor BPO companies. We maintain a 95% list to the sold value which itself determines companies’ service quality.

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Benefits of BPO of a Provider

According to, the outsourcing industry growth is expected to grow in the years to come.

  • BPO Logic definitely is an option to do more BPO’s and increase revenue and profitability.
  • Focus on Core jobs like marketing and selling real estate.
  • You don’t have to hire employees. You can pay a fixed fee per BPO orders.
  • Operating Costs are much lower than having an in house team. It does not mean you comprise on quality. BPO Logic ensures quality at affordable rates. Saves you additional training costs as well
  • Don’t have to worry about paying sick leaves or for paid vacations.
  • Don’t have to worry about Health/ Insurance costs or payroll taxes
  • Don’t have to worry about office infrastructure

Why BPO Logic?

  • Dedicated Service: We at BPO Logic understand that every client is different and has its own requirements. Hence, we assign a dedicated team to complete your BPO assignments. We track all the orders and their status.
  • Expertise: First, we work really hard to make sure BPOs are of better quality compared to others. All our agents have deep knowledge about broker price opinions and overall about the valuations. Our objective is to provide the best reports in the service industry.
  • Quality Check: Attention to details and specifics is very unique and close to the heart of BPO Logic’s identity. We have a quality assurance team in place to have a final check on the reports to ensure the report is meeting our internal criteria of an accurate BPO. We want to avoid corrections and keep up the vendor scores of our clients.
  • Timely Reports: Submitting a BPO on or before time is one of the main pillars of our company, hence we do everything in our capacity to achieve the objective. This is also the reason we have loyal clients from years doing business with our company.


I have tried a couple of broker price opinion companies providing assistant services. The quality of work was poor and was sulking. This BPO team is great and truly understands the logic of preparing broker price opinions.

Broker price opinion California -agent

They signed me up with BPO companies and since then there is no stop. BPO companies in Florida started bombarding me with BPO orders and soon was a preferred BPO agent as my BPOs  got completed on time with great quality. I have a passive BPO income. Kudos!

Broker price opinion Florida- broker

Broker price opinion work completed with the correct BPO values. No doubt they are professionals with expertise in BPOs. I have been with them since 2011 and they are doing well !

Broker Price Opinion Arizona -broker

They suggested me a BPOR Certification coarse and signed me up with broker price opinion companies. Since then, have received a chunk of BPO orders and the team have handled the BPO work. Data entry and pulling comps as well.

Broker price opinion Texas(Broker)

I work with BPO Logic to complete Broker price opinion data entry work, as I like to select my own comparables like to choose my own comps for the BPO’s. They do it very carefully and on time. Real estate BPO services at its best!

Broker price opinion Indiana (Broker)

BPO Logic helped me to become a BPO agent and signed me up with top Broker price opinion(BPO) companies in Georgia, Atlanta. Since then I have an additional BPO income. BPO Pictures are taken by BPO photographer and a company by name photo flow. Finding comps and BPO data entry is done by the BPO Logic team.

Broker Price Opinion Atlanta(real estate agent)

I really like to take this opportunity to thank BPO orders data entry team for their tremendous support throughout. With them It would have been a difficult task or me to handle such a large volume of BPO orders sent by clear capital BPO, Altisource, Bpofulfillment which usually gives out a bulk BPO orders assignment. My BPO business has increased manifolds. And their comp selection process is definitely appreciated. I would definitely recommend them for BPO work. If ones okay.

Broker Price Opinion Atlanta(real estate agent)

Broker price opinion data entry team has been the best. I normally choose my own comps and the data entry part is done by them. They have completed all orders with perfectness and no fields missed out. Listing and sold dates put in accurately, not missing on key factors like waterfront homes, swimming pool, no of garages, and even the items like fence included. I really like and appreciate the work done by them. I handled all my requirements efficiently.

Broker Price Opinion Atlanta(real estate agent)

Best data entry provider. Started by registering my profile for BPO jobs. Now competes of BPO work on time and takes personal initiative to make sure they are correct.

Broker Price Opinion Atlanta(real estate agent)

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